ISSA International Conference


November 3, 2016


Hyatt Regency Cumberland E/F Room

Dallas, Texas


You can also pre-register for your FREE Belbin Assessment and to learn more about how Belbin Team Role Theory is used to build cyber and lean teams.


Does your cyber team have the right people in the right places to maximize performance?

Attend this workshop to learn strategies for recruiting and building highly performing teams, balancing role and expertise needs with skills, strengths and behaviors to go the distance together.

When a cyber team has to jump into action quickly to collect, analyze, respond, and remediate issues, having a balanced team, with respect to team roles, makes all the difference between a successful containment or extended down-times, data loss, or stock price plunges.

You may have ALL the right controls, technologies, contingency plans, and operational support for your cyber team, but if you don’t have the right team roles covered, every second lost can lead to corresponding organizational value decreases.

Even when cyber defined industry roles and responsibilities help guide the way, is the team organized for optimal success in a 24x7 operational cycle? 

Understanding the significance of team roles and incorporating that into your cyber portfolio allows your team to more quickly and efficiently respond to any cyber-related incident or organizational inquiry. 

This session clarifies the necessity for a balanced approach and explains how the different team role behaviors impact and provide greater value to the overall team. 

Using a nine role model, conduct a high level analysis which enables your organization to quickly see gaps, overages, and allows critical expertise to be found and integrated seamlessly.

You will participate in exercises that help you identify whether you have the right team role balance while advancing skills in definition of clear team member responsibilities. 

Workshop includes your FREE personal Team Role Assessment (a strong people-oriented tool that helps increase your cyber team effectiveness) with analysis AND exercises for real life application.