"I had the pleasure of participating in one of DeeDee's train-the-trainer sessions for Belbin. Her knowledge of the topic is exceptional. We asked her a lot of questions about the content and tips for delivery, and she had very valuable insights and advice for us. Not only did she have an outstanding knowledge of the content, she delivered it in a way that was engaging and fun. I would highly recommend her if you are considering using Belbin, need a train-the-trainer course, or for consulting on team dynamics and team effectiveness."

Teresa Witt, Ed.D, PMP Manager, Learning & Development Eli Lilly and Company

"DeeDee helped me to become proficient (and certified) in the Belbin Team Roles assessment. DeeDee has a deep and intuitive understanding of the tool and its use in leading team members to transparent, meaningful dialogues that change the culture and dynamics of the team. She articulates the essence of the tool with ease and enhanced my understanding and ability to deliver a quality process to my clients."

Barbara Osterman - Human Solutions LLC


"We participated in the full training and it totally turned around our organization. The acceleration training allowed us to voice our concerns in a nonthreatening way and put all of our cards on the table. Once the process started it only got better. We went from seeing all the problems to finding all the solutions. We had reached the place of “shut down” in our communication and were a fairly dysfunctional group. Still not perfect and still learning how to put into practice all that we learned, but we are now a flourishing and growing team."

Donna Golob - Executive Director, PATH, Inc.

"I had the pleasure of attending a teambuilding course led by DeeDee based on the Belbin framework and was very impressed by her command of the content, breadth of experience helping teams improve effectiveness, and strong facilitation skills. She helped me obtain my Belbin certification and would be a tremendous asset to any team that is trying to diagnose the factors holding them back from peak performance and design solutions."

Kristen Krebs, Ph.D.Senior Director, Global Learning Design & Development at Teva Pharmaceuticals

"I first worked with DeeDee in 2013 when she was my mentor for a team collaboration/interaction workshop that I was co-facilitating in India. During the time we worked together in India, DeeDee provided awesome guidance & feedback on my facilitation skills which I still refer to today. DeeDee has a deep knowledge of the Belbin process and was able to augment my knowledge with additional insights based on her own experiences of using Belbin in the workplace. We have continued to have a working relationship and she is always willing to impart her knowledge and experiences when asked. I would recommend DeeDee as a consultant to anyone who asked."

Duncan Hawksbee-Simson - Program Manager, Trimble Navagation Ltd

"I worked directly with DeeDee when she served as Andrews’ Director of Economic Development several years ago. In fact, DeeDee was responsible for the formation of our first, formal economic development program. She is a dynamic, exceptional leader who also understands the importance of working with others to accomplish desired goals…. DeeDee understands municipalities and a sense of “community.” She has the “intangibles” you are looking for when hiring a consultant. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Glen E. Hackler - City Manager, City of Andrews, TX

"I had the opportunity to meet DeeDee a couple of years ago when she delivered the Belbin Profiles Certification Training for a group of colleagues at Lilly. I was really impressed not only by her experience and knowledge on the subject, but how easy she shared it with us during the five days we worked together. Her attitude and skills contributed to make out of those intense training sessions an excellent learning environment. We had the opportunity to shared our doubts, concerns which were efficiently solved by DeeDee. Since then, I have contacted her several times to discuss different situations related to Team Work and Belbin profiles and her inputs have always been very valuable to me. She is an excellent professional."

Javier Lorenzo - Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Eli Lilly

"DeeDee was an excellent facilitator of the Belbin "train-the-trainer" workshop. Her explanations and insights of the Belbin theory and how to practically implement it has been valuable."

Leo Presley - Owner, Presley & Associates and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant